Triton Oxygen Respirator Turns Human Into a FIsh…Someday!

Vaporware Gives Us a Glimpse at the Future of Diving

triton human gills

triton human gills

My grandfather often told me “When it is too good to be true, well guess what? it is too good to be true!”. The Triton is indeed too good to be true to be real, that being said I am a huge fan of vaporware as it gets us thinking about what is next to keep the dream alive and someday come up with a product very close to the dream.

From Aqua Lung to Aqua Gill

The Aqua gill system presented by Triton or creating a membrane that allow humans to use the oxygen from the water makes somewhat sense as a normal evolution from Cousteau & Gagnan’s Aqua Lung. That being said, I really like the liquid oxygen idea from Cameron’s movie The Abyss, I love the idea of preventing the lungs to collapse at extreme depth. It apparently exists, the only issue being you die after the liquid destroy your diaphragm oh well…

>>read more details about Perfluorocarbons on Wikipedia.

In the Meantime What To Do?

Freediving or breath hold diving is still the most streamline way of drifting in the blue ocean, it requires training and discipline but the rewards are endless.

Martin and Niki Stepanek Freediving

Martin and Niki Stepanek Freediving FII

That being said, I think that a couple of small tanks with a side-mount and a super streamline mask+regulator combo coupled with a  monofin might be a good way to start a movement for more streamlined and fun underwater adventures.

In the meantime happy diving!

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New Invention: Triton Oxygen Respirator Extracts Air Underwater!, page 1.

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