Right Whale Dolphin: When The Ocean Ying Meets its Yang

Right Whale Dolphin

Right Whale Dolphin photo by Pablo Caceres

The ocean is a constant source of amazement, when you think you are starting to have a grasp on its matrix of life, some creature pokes its head out of the water and you go back to square one: awe.

Two species are know the Lissodelphis borealis or Northern Right Whale Dolphin and the rather elusive Southern counterpart Lissodelphis peronii.

There is quite a bit of information to be found online including a really nice infographic about the Lissodelphis peronii on Deviant Art.

 Let’s Hang out with a Pod Of Northern Right Whales Dolphins on The Bow Side

Thanks to jeff barnard and presumably a Gopro take a ride on the bow side:


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