Making "Dolphin Dreams" Come True

Filmmakers Raise Money For Unique Human-Dolphin Collaboration

“Dolphin Dreams” will be a short film depicting a unique and extraordinary collaboration between two human dancers and a pod of wild Atlantic Spotted dolphins. To finish the movie and release it, Chisa Hidaka MD (director) and Benjamin Harley (producer) have launched a fundraising campaign at The campaign continues until November 30th, 2012.

“Dolphin Dreams” is a radically innovative film that portrays the collaboration between wild dolphins and human dancers as they communicate through movement and dance to create underwater works of art. Shot by multi-Emmy Award-winning underwater cinematographer Howard Hall in dazzling super high definition, the images of humans and wild dolphins moving together in the open ocean are not only unique but breathtakingly beautiful. Support from the Indiegogo campaign will be used for post- production, and the creation of a moving original score by Grammy Award-winning cellist and composer, David Darling.

“Dolphin Dreams” will be the second film of the Dolphin Dance Project ( http://dolphin- ), founded in 2009. The first film “Together: Dancing with Spinner Dolphins,” won several awards including “Best Experimental Film” at the Big Apple Film Festival, screened at over 25 film festivals around the world and serves as the centerpiece of educational lectures at universities, dive clubs and other venues.
“We want to up end common assumptions about who is a ʻpersonʼ and who is an ʻanimalʼ to inspire all of us to think twice about how we relate to Nature generally and the ocean in particular,” says Chisa. The works are intended to inspire respect and protection for wild dolphins and their ocean habitats. To further this message, rewards to campaign contributors include a ringtone made of dolphin whistles (video: ) and a vegan dinner prepared by the filmmakers.

Completion of “Dolphin Dreams” will be an important step towards producing an IMAX feature being developed by the Dolphin Dance Project. The IMAX film will integrate the latest dolphin research to tell the full story of these remarkable interactions and to engage a wide audience in appreciating what they see.
For a complete Media Kit, with photos and more information about “Dolphin Dreams” and the Dolphin Dance Project, please visit our Press page: http://www.dolphin-

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